‘Maestro’: First look at Bradley Cooper as Leonard Bernstein in Netflix biopic

In the brand-new Leonard Bernstein biography on Netflix, Bradley Cooper and British actress Carey Mulligan play the iconic American conductor and composer.

An upcoming biopic based on the life of American conductor and composer Leonard Bernstein from the 20th century is titled Maestro.

The movie, which will be available on Netflix in 2023, was directed by and stars Bradley Cooper as the maestro. Alongside Cooper is stage and television actress Felicia Montealegre Cohn Bernstein, who plays the conductor’s wife.

Netflix’s social media channels yesterday afternoon posted photographs giving viewers an exclusive first look at Cooper and Mulligan in their biopic roles.

The “American classical music wonder boy” and his star actress wife are depicted in the first Cooper and Mulligan stills from the upcoming Netflix film.

Why Steven Spielberg Hired Bradley Cooper To Direct “Maestro”

Leonard Bernstein, who was born on August 28th, 1918, wed Chilean-American theater and television performer Felicia Cohn Montealegre in 1951.

There was a deep love between the two artists, making their bond much more than a partnership of convenience, despite their separate sexual inclinations, even though their marriage was somewhat uneasy due to Bernstein’s well-documented homosexuality.

Together, the couple produced three kids: Jamie, Alexander, and Nina.

Immediately correcting the characterization of the new Netflix film, Jamie Bernstein stated in an interview with Classic FM, “It’s not a biopic, strictly speaking, it doesn’t tell the story of Leonard Bernstein from birth to death – it’s not that kind of a film at all.

In actuality, it depicts the union of our parents. For [my siblings and I], it’s about something very particular and extremely intimate.

We’re quite surprised that Bradley chose to concentrate on this particular portion of the tale, and we’re looking forward to Carey Mulligan’s portrayal of our mother Felicia because, I assure you, she’ll launch it into space.

In a letter written shortly after their 1951 wedding, Montealegre, who was aware of Bernstein’s sexual orientation, said, “If I sounded unhappy as you drove away today, it was not because I felt in any way abandoned, but rather because I was left alone to confront myself and this whole horrible mess that is our ‘connubial’ life.

“I’ve given it a lot of thought, and I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not really that bad. First of all, nothing in life is truly irrevocable, not even marriage (though I once believed it to be).

Second: You are a homosexual and may never change; you deny the concept of leading a double life, but what can you do if your mental stability, physical health, and entire neurological system depend on a particular sexual pattern? Third: Without becoming a martyr or making myself a sacrifice on the altar of L.B., I am prepared to accept you as you are. (I happen to love you very much—if this is a disease, what better treatment is there?) If you are allowed to do whatever you want without feeling guilty or making a confession, let’s try it and see what happens!

“The feelings you have for me will be clearer and easier to express—our marriage is based not on passion, but on tenderness and mutual respect.”

Fans are eagerly anticipating seeing Cooper’s resemblance to Bernstein in the pictures from the actor’s portrayal of the conductor at a later age because the movie follows Bernstein through several decades.

One Facebook commenter wrote, “If this is Bradley Cooper, the makeup artist should win an Oscar.”

A different person remarked, “It’s not just the makeup; it’s the posture, the gesture, and the way he holds his cigarette.”

We’re just as eager to see what Cooper will bring to this part of the adored American artist as the Facebook comments section.

Although the release date for the movie has not yet been revealed, we are confident that something good is on the way.

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